Workshop and Machine shop

Hiflow Hydraulic Services offers you full workshop facilities for all your needs and repairs.

We offer an experienced machine shop to keep your machining needs in house to lower your cost and increase speed of repairs.

We have a direct drive test rig for testing of all your hydraulic equipment from cylinders, motors, valves, and both open and closed loop pump testing facilities we also have a wide range of electronic amplifier drivers for test all your proportional and servo controls.


Hiflow Hydraulic Services offers a wide range of solutions for all your hydraulic and electronic needs from

TURNKEY SYSTEM DESIGNS (Suppy, install and comission)  SAFETY SYSTEM DESIGN (CAT 1 - 4 Block & Bleed or Block & Block)       CUSTOM DESIGN CYLINDERS (Job Specific) MANIFOLD BLOCKS (Design and Manufacture) POWER UNIT (Design and Manufacture) COMPLETE HYDRAULIC CIRCUIT DESIGN AND UPGRADES TO CURRENT SYSTEMS 


Hiflow Hydraulic Services has highly experienced technicians for all your installation needs, from power unit installations and commissioning to complete system pipe ups with onsite bending, pressure testing and flushing facilities.

Past installations have included Coal mines, Steel mill plants, Metals processing plants, Plastic Manufacturing, Power Stations and wide number of production and processing plants through out NSW, Australia and Overseas.

Service on and off site

Hiflow Hydraulic Services offers highly experienced technicians both on and off site for fast and confident solutions to all your hydraulic problems, from diagnosing system breakdowns to assisting you with the upgrade of your current systems to improve operations and reliability. We also offer a wide range of preventative maintenace shut down solutions to keep your plant and production running smoothly.